About Us

in 1992

Whites Transport Services was founded in 1992 by Ray White. Ray started off as an owner driver with 1 truck and 1 trailer and has grown the business to what it is today, the business now consists of 20 Trucks and 30 refrigerated trailers specifically designed to carry hanging meat carcasses.

We have around the clock operational control and all of our vehicles are GPS tracked, are fully DVS compliant and our fridge trailers have temperature recording equipment. We currently operate 20 trucks and 30 trailers,and have a a fleet of equipment we are very proud of.

UK to UK, UK to Europe

We provide services from UK to UK, UK to Europe & Europe to UK... Our trailers can maintain any cargo temperature between +30 Celsius and -30 Celsius and can carry hanging carcasses or palletised cargo.

European Express Service

We also specialise in a non stop European express service by strategically positioning waiting drivers along a specific route we can keep a trailer moving from the UK to anywhere in Europe without stopping.

Main Cargo

We specialise in lamb carcasses, and beef carcasses as well as fish and shellfish. Also any palletised freight whether ambient or temperature controlled.

Countries we Deliver to

The countries we deliver to and also collect from consist of... UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Norway & Switzerland.

Local Produce

And from all these countries we collect local produce and bring it back to the UK food industry, such as Pasta's. Bread, Wine, Cheese, Fruit, Vegetables, Frozen Food, Fresh Fish and also more Hanging Meat...